What can I do to sell my home fast?

Before we even begin to discuss just how to do it, understand that there are no shortcuts, as I know, you’re in a hurry! How you answer the questions below will set the way of how fast your home will sell.

What is your motivation or urgency to sell?

Having a motivation to sell your home, hammers a sense of urgency into a homeowner. Do you have this motivation to sell? Perhaps one of the scenarios applies to you:

Relocation – are you relocating out of town for a new career position that you were just offered? Or do you need to move to take care of a loved one that’s in need of your help? There are likely a number of reasons why you might be relocating, forcing you to sell your home.

Life event; marriage, baby, divorce, illness – life is full of delightful planned events and then there are also the storms of life that can turn our lives upside down. Are you wanting to sell for a life event? If so, you likely have a greater sense of urgency to get your home sold.

Upsize, downsize or better location – If you’re young and on your way up in the world, you’ve probably been scoping out larger homes to move into or perhaps you’ve been single and a life event, described above, demands more room for a growing family; a spouse and/or babies on the way! Or you could have already raised your family, the kids are grown, and you’re looking to downsize to a more manageable space; who needs 5 bedrooms now? The less to keep clean, the better! Perhaps, it’s a different location that you seek; out to the suburbs or closer to the city.

Without a motivation to sell your home, can you still be on board to do what’s necessary to sell your home fast? Well that depends … can you take the advice of an experienced Realtor who can guide you on the home selling process? If you’re more concerned in following your own lead, then you’ll likely have difficulty in selling your home fast. Listen to your knowledgeable, local Realtor professional and you too can sell your home fast, even though you aren’t pressed to do so; you have an added luxury of time.

As reported by Keller Williams research, roughly 58% of homeowners have some urgency to sell their home. Those that are really in urgent need of selling their homes amounts to 14%. Where do you fit?

Now that we’ve discussed your real motivation to sell your home, let’s discuss what else will matter on how fast you can sell your home.

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